So, the douchebag is back, after everything he’s done to my mother.And I slowly feel her removing herself from us, and distancing herself from us. The closer he got to coming here/ or being here the more odd and/or withdrawn she became. But, it’s okay. If she would like to separate herself from her family and friends for someone that’s so not worth it, then it’s fine by me.

What isn’t cool is when she lies on me and makes me out to be the bad guy and makes me feel like i’m the worst daughter ever. She probably thinks that I don’t take her seriously or that I cannot survive without her. But, it’s okay. I’m going to prove to her and her douchebag that I can survive, and that I can make it.

SI SE PUEDE ! (that’s what I have to tell myself everyday).

So, if anyone knows of any part-time job opportunities in the D.C area let me know. Thanks

Jj Doll.