Well, Well, Well,….

A lot has happened.. and of course should happen. I mean it’s been a busy couple of weeks. And I do apologize. Let’s just fill you in on what has happened…

1. I’m now a redhead & I friggin’ love it! I mean why not?! I’ve gone black and brown, hey I’ve even gone “piss after you take a multi-vitamin” blonde! SO, I took a leap of faith and went to the best hair dresser of all time.. JILL! Thanks a bunch Jill, I love it.! I’ve added some photo’s to the bottom and unfortunately you cannot see the color but you can see the style. When I get better lighting I’ll be sure to add more.

2. I’ve gotten a second job- Yes, I know how can I add more onto my plate of work and school…easy, I got another plate! I just started but I do like it. It’s a store and/or specialty that I’ve never worked in but I like it. Maybe because it’s a personal store and they sell lovely trinkets and things and i’m a trinket kind of girl. The smaller things count.

3. My cousin got married and I’ll def. have to post photos of the outfit I wore. OMG there’s a story behind all of this. Point is .. I didn’t end up going but it was for a reason. I did end up wearing the dress though…to a wedding I was SUPPOSE to attend but couldn’t. I wish I would’ve seen it all. Especially the Ass-Grabbing-Drunk-Groom.

4. I’ve recently cut a couple of people out of my life. Simple.

Well, I’ve got to go but I’ll def. post sometime this week. At the bottom is this neat ring I picked up at Forever 21..if only it were REAL!

– yours truly
Jj Doll.