I am terribly sorry about not being able to update, I’ve thought about updating several times, but honestly haven’t felt like it. I’ve been going through lots of stress and other bs that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I’m back, and that I hope to be updating as much as possible, I feel like I’ve lost the ideas for my blog, but they’re surely coming back. I’ve even gone back to my blog readings as well. If , you have any ideas or things you’d like to read more about then please let me know….if in fact anyone is reading this. I’d also like to throw out there, that I am looking for a better paying job in DC/VA/MD area [preferably metro accessible], so if you have any information on that , please let me  know as soon as possible , thanks.


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Besos! ,

Jj Doll.


ps – I saw this neat little monster on Flickr, robleto, if I am not mistaken, I’d say that mister robleto makes these cute little creatures himself, and you could possibly buy them, not quite sure, but I needed a cute picture for an apology and I found it. You’d have to discuss possible purchases with him. I know I’d want one 😉