Watched a re-run episode of Tyra’s called “ Guess My Race“, and I can totally relate to this because I’ve experienced ignorance and plain stupidity even disappointment when it came to my race. My mother was mixed and grew up getting to know her race(s). Well, she met my father and he wasn’t either of her races and so when they created me I inherited it all. I’ve always have a problem with my race from going to an all-white school and having to find friends that were willing to play with me and even telling me that in order for me to play I’d have to be the slave (not fucking cool). I hear the disappointment I get about my race when people ask me ‘where I’m from?” or the worst question ever “what are you?” (like wtf?! that’s like the dumbest question I’ve ever heard because HELLO?! the answer to the question is human! lmao). I am btw Hispanic and African – American. My mother is Dominican & Salvadorean, my problem with my hispanic side is when I meet hispanic people they’re kind of disappointed that I’m actually¬†Salvadorean or Dominican is, and the problem with my african – american side is that they assume I have to be mixed -(which I am but…let’s use our imagination people! LOL) because I do not have a certain texture of hair or because the color of my skin isn’t as dark and a lot of people. I mean, common people, this is a new day and age why should we let such trivial things as race and colors of our skin affect us, we’re all learning how to prosper despite it, I say we let it slide and move onto more important topics.