Who am I?

Well, this has got to be one of the toughest questions I’ve yet to answer. See, the answer to this question for me always has a different answer depending on my mood or whatever really. But for the most part I’m:

A twenty year old esthetic student and full-time nanny with a knack (who says that?! lol) for different hobbies that I’d like to take up in the next couple of months. I’m mixed with spanish and african-amerian and a dash of native american on my grandfather’s side. I’m not in the best shape but that’s what hard work is for, RIGHT?! I am what you call short…but do not let that fool you…”poison comes in small bottles“.

I’d definitely have a sailor’s mouth (Anchor’s-a-fucking-hoy!) but I’m trying to repair it :-P. I’m a writer at heart but have noticed I always put my heart and soul into something but then I’m not so excited with what’s next and just trash it altogether! I’m classy and pride myself on that. I do have manner’s (thank you!). My fravorite color’s are yellow, silver and red. I’m a summer baby but I favor spring and fall for fall. I’m oldest of five! And, last but not least…I love long walks on the beach!! LOL. Just kidding. I don’t bite..unless you ask me to! LOL..so post a comment and I’ll get back to you. Promise.


Jj Doll.


This blog is about me, growing and just putting myself out there. & you guys are totally welcome to join.